My Granny Flat WA is a family owned and operated company based in Perth Western Australia and rooted in the old fashioned virtues of integrity, honesty and commitment. The My Granny Flat WA family values and company values are one in the same and are visible in everything we do. With every granny flat project we undertake we go to extraordinary measures to ensure we deliver the highest quality craftsmanship, superior customer experiences and enduring value to our clients. Our focus is on a niche market where quality supersedes quantity.

My Granny Flat WA may be a relatively new company but is owned, managed and run by a highly experienced builder who has personally constructed thousands of new homes over the course of his long and distinguished career. Daren Sublet, Founder and Managing Director, is the driving force behind this new vibrant company set to rapidly carve its own presence in what is becoming an overpopulated market.

Daren is a licensed plumber and gas fitter, registered and fully insured building practitioner who brings a lifetime of active and continuous experience in the building and construction industry. He has the requisite experience, access to resources and industry knowledge to successfully undertake and complete your granny flat project.

Daren has handpicked an outstanding team of tradesmen that set a benchmark for uncompromised quality and workmanship and possess the creativity, technical know-how and expert knowledge to design, construct and complete your project in a diligent, professional and respectful manner - as if it were their own. He has gone to considerable lengths to ensure that his unrelenting drive for delivering outstanding craftsmanship and excellent service is upheld. Over the course of his career Daren has forged good working relationships with Western Australia’s leading building suppliers, so you can rest assured that all of our materials are of the highest quality and value.

We put the My in My Granny Flat WA because as our client, you are at the heart of everything we do. The My Granny Flat WA experience is built around you;

Your needs.
Your lifestyle.
Your family.
Your budget.